House Boats


Houseboats also known as “Kettuvalloms” is a huge country boat made up of tying huge jack wooden planks together and these planks are dipped in cashew nut resin to increase its power and durability. It comes in various shapes which include one to even ten bedrooms with attached and non-attached wash rooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchen and some even provides balcony, upper deck, glass wall etc. It’s available in a/c and non a/c. The accommodation is available from scarce to dashing comfort and luxury. A cook is there to serve you in a Houseboat and the food is available within the boat. A variety of homely dishes are available in a houseboat. It’s much larger than other type of boats. A house boat can provide all the convenient features that any luxury hotel can ever provide. It ranges from 20 to 125 inches and weigh more than 50 tons. Majority of the Houseboats have twin engines with larger vessels. Houseboats are more expensive than motorboats and shikkara boats. We can move freely in a Houseboat. It’s having much luxurious facilities and much bigger than any other type of boats..

LOCATION Alleppy Backwater
CHECK IN / OUT Day Cruise and Night Cruise
The Sumptuous Sadya,Karimeen Pollichathu,Fish Molee,Puttu & Kadala Curry etc..
Appam & Mutton Stew,Natures Own Soft Drink etc..

Most hygienic eco-friendly toilets. Solid wastes and sewage are not directly discharged into the water, bio-chemical alternatives and having its own sewage treatment plan.